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107: Choosing Our Thoughts & Words Carefully During This Time – Amy Pamensky

Amy Pamensky is a speaker, coach, facilitator, and podcaster. She supports women to navigate anxiety, depression, and stress using a spiritual mindset approach so they can bring more light, joy, and ease into their lives. Amy teaches women how to connect to their intuition and deepen their self-love through a blend of scientific and spiritual methodologies including meditation, quantum physics, and neuroscience. She is the founder of the New Moon Collective, a community of women in San Diego who gather every new moon to connect in sisterhood and honor the cycle of the moons. Amy is also the host of the podcast Feminine Frequency which is for women who are ready to listen to their intuition, turn up their happiness, and tap into their feminine energy. What was the catalyst to Amy’s spiritual journey and helping other women on their own path? Amy woke up in a marriage she had gone through with because of societal expectations. She was unhappy, anxious, and dealing with depression because she was being untrue to the deepest parts of herself. Her divorce was the beginning of her stepping into her own power and building a life that would fill up her cup and light up her soul.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The power of temporary versus indefinite.
  • A practical breathing exercise to clear your mind.
  • How seeking the approval of others will keep you stuck.
  • Amy’s daily routine to stay healthy during this time.

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