Erin E Hooley - Conquering Chaos

112: Conquering Chaos as a CEO and Mom of Six Kids – Erin E. Hooley

Married two weeks after her 19th birthday, Erin E. Hooley is the mother to 6 children, ages 5-14. She holds no degree. She has completed no formalized training. She doesn’t even know how to sew! And yet, she is the President and Founder of Bailey’s Blossoms, a multi-million dollar children’s e-commerce clothing line, and Peyton Bre, it’s sister brand for tweens and teens. With a love for mentorship and coaching, she’s the creator and host of the “Conquering Chaos” podcast and is dedicated to developing a community of individuals who believe that business and motherhood (parenthood) are NOT enemies. She’s the woman who refuses to take “no” for an answer. The woman who sees opportunity where others see failure. And the woman who is determined to help EVERY (man and) woman recognize their potential and find fulfillment in leading a life of balance.

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