161: Starting a Candle Business After Hitting Rock Bottom as a Single Mom of Four – Shonte James


Shonte James is the owner of Sarah Lane Candle Co. and has a passion to help you create a luxurious home environment with all-natural, chemical-free products that enhance the essence of every room. As a new divorced mother of four kids, she hit rock bottom by losing her job, home, and vehicle within a span of two years. Refusing to allow this to be her ‘forever’ story, she began working temp jobs during the week and at a flea market on the weekends – all the while cultivating a vision of starting her own business. Founded in 2020, Sarah Lane Candle Co. offers exquisite decorative candles that are a scrumptious work of art as well as clean-burning traditional candles, all-natural linen sprays, wax melts, and soaps.

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