164: Mom of 3 Launches Magic Skin Nutrients Safe for the Entire Family – Sabrina Andren

Sabrina Andren is a wife, mother of three, and founder of Magic Skin Nutrients – dedicated to helping you lovingly care for your skin with 100% confidence that all their products are natural and safe for you and your loved ones. Several years ago, Sabrina learned that toxic ingredients in conventional beauty products were irritating her skin. After educating herself on the harmful chemicals and finding healthy alternatives, she began creating skin-nourishing formulas with nothing but pure ingredients and shared them with family and friends. The result? Clear and glowing skin! As skin issues began to heal, friends would say, “This is magical!” Magic Skin Nutrients was born. With a growing line of all-natural, multi-purpose body butters, hand creams, and milky mists, Moms are discovering a safe (and magical) way to care for their entire family.

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