167: Asking My Body Why I Want a Rolex – Lana Shlafer

Lana Shlafer is an entrepreneur, a mindset coach, law of attraction expert, and best-selling author. She studied at UC Berkeley and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is also a trained success coach and yoga teacher (RYT 500). After the home birth of her twins (born thirty-three hours apart) and other extraordinary manifestations, Lana realized her passion didn’t lie in being a therapist. Instead, she wanted to share how to use the law of attraction and mindset techniques to deliberately create unimaginable experiences and personal mastery. Over the past decade, she has empowered thousands of women to manifest what seems out of reach, including scaling their business, buying their dream home, healing from a chronic illness and meeting their ideal partner. More than 20,000 people have participated in her Manifesting Challenges. Lana’s energetic personality and no holds barred coaching has been featured in Forbes, TVOne and NPR.

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