194: How Small Brands Can Connect with Up-and-Coming Influencers – Inbal Claudio

Inbal Claudio is an entrepreneur, military wife, and mom from Southern California. Shortly after starting her own brokerage, she realized that real estate wasn’t for her and was inspired to get into the candle industry. Not too long after she launched her first business GOLDWICK, with the support of her now-husband, to make and sell candles that are non-toxic, natural, and clean. While her business was expanding, she and her husband would soon find out they were moving from California to North Carolina for the next 4 years. Having GOLDWICK made this transition a lot easier since she could take the candles with her and make them in North Carolina. She traveled all over the state doing shows, talking to boutiques, meeting tons of people, and then found out that she was pregnant with her first child. In 2019, Inbal started researching influencer marketing tactics for her first business and realized that finding the perfect influencer was more difficult than she thought. The platforms she discovered were completely out of her budget and requirements that her small business didn’t meet. Inbal’s own experiences lead her to decide to do the next best thing which is to create a platform where everyone is welcome.

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