197: From Professional Dancer to Living on the Streets to Soul Aligned Coaching – Rae Irelan

Rae Irelan is the founder and CEO of Soul Aligned Coaching and Consulting, The Soulfully Sold Out Mastermind, The Global Goddess Fest, and host of the Soul Aligned Show. Rae is an internationally acclaimed musician, speaker, mentor, published author, and entrepreneur, and she has been seen in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Disrupt among others. Rae has performed and spoken in front of audiences of over 10,000+ people at venues like Pepsi Amphitheater to the National Center of Performing Arts in India, sharing stages with Jason Mraz, Emancipator, Trevor Hall, Ayla Nereo, and many more. She has recorded multiple albums, toured internationally, been seen on TV and film, nominated and taken home multiple music awards, produced multiple theater shows and festivals, has been published in books, magazines, articles, doctoral papers and now is writing her first book to come out 2021. Her clients re-invent themselves and their businesses through Rae’s soulful business strategies.

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