202: Leaving Corporate to Travel to Over 50 Countries as a Location-Independent Coach – Anna Knapik

Anna Knapik is a transformational life and business coach, an intuitive healer, a certified yoga teacher, a business mentor for soulful entrepreneurs, a podcast host, a freedom-based location-independent business owner, and a world traveller with 55+ countries under her belt. In her past life and career, she worked as a marketing executive for start-ups and multinational brands for almost a decade before fully stepping into her purpose. As the founder of Miannah, she blends Western teachings and Eastern wisdom to support passionate, purpose-driven women in creating a meaningful and nourishing life and career, or business, on their own terms. Miannah is a dedicated space offering support, tools & guidance for women globally craving more freedom, fulfilment, purpose & impact. Anna coaches and mentors in four languages – English, German, Spanish and her native Polish.

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