206: How a Farm, Fire, and Failure Led Me to Freedom – Annie Fonte

Annie Fonte is the founder of Meet Me At The Barn, a personal development organization designed to help people achieve their highest level of living. Meet Me At The Barn offers live and on-line courses that take individuals through a year-long, ten-step process of creating the life they want to live. Annie is also the author of “Keep Your Ass In The Saddle” a personal memoir in which she tells the truth about her upbringing and inspiring journey to personal freedom.

Annie holds a B.S. in Business Administration. After spending six years in banking and commercial real estate working throughout the United States, Annie received her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Following graduation, she worked with the founders of TheraTx, Inc., a nationwide health care company focusing on rehabilitation. Annie joined Evolve Physical Therapy + Advanced Wellness as a co-owner of the private practice sports and orthopedic clinic in San Diego, California, in 1993. She is responsible for the operations and strategic planning for the clinic.

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