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Copy of 090: Look Back So You Can Look Forward – David Trotter

David Trotter is a Transformation Coach and Author of “Empowered to Rise: The Secret to Embracing Your True Identity, Uncovering Your Super Powers, and Bringing Inspiration to the World” (February 2020), and he is the Host of Inspiration Rising, a podcast dedicated to inspiring women (and the men who support them) to rise up in life, love, and leadership. Through his Launch Your Life online course and coaching experience, he helps women (and men) overcome painful life transitions (divorce, empty nest, job dissatisfaction) and develop a workable plan to make lasting changes.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How looking back propels you to look forward into the next year.
  • Seven critical areas of your life to review as you look back over last year.
  • Where you are most satisfied and dissatisfied in your life.

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