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Decide What You Want Today: A Review of “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero

Alright ladies…you know when those mean words or demotivating thoughts pop into your head? Why do we often default to believing those negative thoughts about ourselves, and how do we stop? Instead, why don’t we focus on that thing we’ve always wanted to do? What about that amazing life we’ve dreamed of?

You Are a Badass - Jen SinceroWell, Jen Sincero is here to let you know that you can do it!

In her book, “You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”, she lets you in on the secret that nothing is holding you back from your greatness…except yourself. Whether you’re at rock bottom or you’re just bored with your life, she helps you to recognize your subconscious limitations that are keeping you nailed down in your current position. Jen gives you the tools to combat those limitations and then guides you, phase by phase, to ultimately be able to kick ass and live your best life!

You may be doubting the power of this read considering its lofty claims to get you up off your couch and into your dreams come true, but Jen did it… so why can’t you?

Jen makes it clear that she’s not an all knowing, self-help guru, but just a normal person who was once in a place in her life that she was not completely satisfied with. She recognized that she had so much more she wanted to do with her life and contribute to the world, but she needed guidance and a direction to get her out of her complacency. Through multiple misadventures in the motivational / self-help world, and in her own words “taking one for the team”, she found her best guidance in the form of a coach that gave her the tools she needed to pull herself up by her bootstraps and make things happen in her life. Now, Jen is bringing this knowledge and more that she has acquired through living her badass life to you in her book.

Here are my top three standouts from this read:

  • Everything it is that you want is out there just waiting for you.
    Those big lofty dreams that you want, but think are impossible for you to reach…THEY ARE REAL. You don’t have to manifest anything…those things you want are already real. You just have to get up on your feet and do what you need to do to reach for them. Do you know how Jen knows that your dreams are attainable? Someone else has already done it! Why can’t you start your own business, lose weight, get that awesome job, or meet your one and only? That person who has what you want: money, love, happiness, a Lamborghini…they are a human being, too. You won’t accomplish anything by standing in place. You have to push, pull, climb, crawl, and stumble forward ’til you cross the finish line and are living the life you used to wish you were living.
  • Your soft, cozy, warm comfort zone will fight back…and it could get ugly. We’ve all heard the old saying that it gets worse before it gets better. Well, Jen wants to let you know that’s actually true. We manifest our own reality and our subconscious is not going to be so welcome to the change that we are inciting in our life, but what counts is how we react to the setbacks that are inevitable when we are working at accomplishing our goals. Our comfort zone, which Jen calls The Big Snooze, uses those pesky subconscious limitations that we have ingrained in us to create doubt, complacency, and fear about the future. In addition, the world can throw some curveballs that knock us back on our butts and have us questioning what made us leave that warm and cuddly comfort zone in the first place. But you know what makes us badass? Battling those limitations with actions and fighting those curveballs with the determination to conquer our best life!
  • DECIDE. DECIDE. DECIDE. DECIDE. DECIDE. Make the decision. Stick to the decision. Live the decision. Be the decision. My interpretation of Jen: “OMG! Decide to be a badass already!!!!” Ok, in all seriousness, stop being the person who can’t make up their mind. Just stop! Figure out what your decision making process is. Do you need to sleep on it? Make a list? Talk it through with someone you trust? Whatever it is that will lead you to make the best decision for you, do it! If you are a person who can never make a decision, start making easy changes in your day to day routine that will train you in quicker thinking when it comes to making bigger decisions. For example, when grocery shopping, give yourself ten seconds to decide which bread you’re taking home or which marinara sauce is going in the spaghetti tonight.If you are a person who makes decisions in an instant, but realizes later that the choice you made wasn’t the best, learn to put thought into every decision you make. Jen’s most important message: stick to your decision. She wants you to commit fully to the decision that you have made. Whether it’s to quit smoking, get a better job, lose weight, or start being a badass, once you decide…be that person! Negotiations are over once you’ve made the decision. No more flip-flopping or second guessing. You are now the person the doesn’t smoke, or that puts in the extra hours, or that picks healthy foods and has a workout routine, or lives their best life. That is you because you have decided that is who you are!

If you are looking to be transformed, Jen Sincero and her book “You Are A Badass” is your match made in heaven. Her relatable and straight forward style of writing, as well as her use of “colorful” language, makes it feel as though she’s standing in front you and double-dog-daring you to be a badass! What do you say…are you up for the challenge?

Madison Rodriguez is a contributing writer for Inspiration Rising. She is a student of the world – striving to learn about other cultures through the eyes of the people who live there and dedicated to ocean and habitat conservation. When she’s not writing or managing content, you can find her at SoCal beach reading The Help alongside her trusty, four-legged friend, Boots. During football season, she loves cheering on her brother who is an offensive lineman for the Dixie State Trailblazers. Recently, she earned a B.A. in English Literature from California State University, Fullerton.

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