David Trotter is a former pastor of fast-growing churches and now a business growth consultant. He is the founder of Rise Up Business Academy, a community of soul-inspired coaches and entrepreneurs, as well as the founder of Rise Up Creatives, a content development platform that helps online business owners stand out and save time. He is also the author of “Empowered to Rise: The Secret to Embracing Your True Identity, Uncovering Your Super Powers, and Bringing Your Inspiration to the World.” For over 25 years, he’s helped people get unstuck and take their lives to the next level through his leadership, speaking, writing, and filmmaking. David and his wife, Laura, have been married for over 27 years and live in southern California.

What if you could PREPARE YOUR HEART for the week ahead in just 30 minutes?

That's exactly what we want to help you do every Sunday at SOULARISE!

As an ENTREPRENEUR, LEADER, or COACH, you need a place to refresh your soul and rise above all the stress as you prepare to serve your dream clients and customers over the week.

EVERY SUNDAY AT SOULARISE, you'll experience...
• Music to align your heart.
• A soul-inspired talk to help you grow in life and business.
• Meditation / prayer to help you connect with the Divine.  

Sound helpful?

SUNDAYS at 8am Pacific Time
via Facebook Live

Hi friend,

I believe in you. Yes, that's what I want you to know more than anything else. You have a soul-inspired dream inside your heart, and I want to make sure you stay refreshed so you can live out your passions. 

Join me for SOULARISE every Sunday at 8am PT to prepare your heart for the week ahead. Our world needs what you have to offer, and I want you to be refreshed and prepared.

It's not church. It's not a webinar. It's not training. It's SOULARISE. 

Join me?

"I came with so much resistance to the process. David's patience, kindness, and dedication to his work slowly melted away any brick walls that were holding me back from my success. I adore him!”

"There was this deep desire to launch and spread this gift I've received. There were moments when I'd get a glimpse of it, but it would stop. I didn't have the structure, tools, or coach to help me create that path. I've got the goods, but how? I was blessed to meet David, and I was resistant the first few times. There was an inner voice that said, 'You don't need help. You can do this all on your own.' I let go of my ego and dropped into my heart. For many ladies like me who are so busy...we have the vision and we're free-spirited, but we just don't have the discipline and structure. David provides the discipline and structure. He hears me and knows me. I'm now finding clients that are not in southern California, and that's exactly what I wanted.”

“Before meeting David, I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck in my business. I wasn’t great at asking for help, but I was ready to make a change. Joining Rise Up Business Academy was one of the best decisions I made for myself and for my business. Because of David’s mentorship, I was able to accomplish many of my goals with growing my business. We got my website up and running, started my referral program that I always wanted, had weekly accountability meetings, made new business connections, and more! What makes this program unique and special is that David not only gets you to focus on your business growth, but also inspires you to focus on your self growth and mindset. He is so easy to work with and truly cares about your accomplishments and success. I highly recommend this program for any woman who wants to take her life and business to the next level!”

David has inspired me to dream beyond the vision I had for myself as an entrepreneur! He has the ability to tap into your potential and show you how to align your purpose with your goals as a business owner. I am encouraged by the personal and professional growth I have experienced since working with David!”

"I was attracted to David’s down-to-earth personality immediately and discovered he had a wealth of knowledge and experience not only in the entrepreneurial world but also as a life coach. This was a double bonus for me as when I signed up with David and his Rise Up Business Academy, I wasn’t sure of the future of my business. In fact, I wasn’t sure about a lot of areas in my life and felt as most everything was in disarray. What I did know though, was that the business advice coming from friends and family who had never been entrepreneurs wasn’t cutting it, what I was doing wasn’t working, and that I needed someone with experience to guide me, even if that meant guiding me through the closure of my business. I’ve been participating in the Rise Up Business Academy now for nine months and have had some of the highest income producing months over the previous year. I have worked through building a foundation and the ideologies to guide my business and feel more equipped to make business decisions - even tough ones. More than that though, I have discovered a confidence and peace within myself knowing that my identity isn’t tied to the success or “failure” of my business (and yes, I did put that in quotes because I really wouldn’t even view it as a failure at this point). I have many gifts to offer the world and for the first time in a long time, David has me excited for what the future will bring."

“I'm so grateful for this program and David Trotter. He is a compassionate, available, and thoughtful coach. He really wants us to move through our stuck places and get to the dreams, the goals, the things we want to create. I'm thankful for him. He and this program have been life-changing. If you've been thinking about it, go for it! You're going to gain insight and new opportunities that you never dreamed you had before.”

“I have nothing but high praises for David Trotter and his programs. When David and I first met, I was all over the place, because I had so many passions. Fast forward a year later, and I have narrowed down the business I wanted to start. David taught me step by step to identify my who, what, when, where, and why! I could not have come as far as I have if it were not for David Trotter."

"When I want someone who I can bring my professional or personal endeavors to...who I know is going to listen with care and share not only practical and effective action steps, but also a reminder of my greatness and purpose in the world, I call on my friend David Trotter. He knows how to listen compassionately and reflect back to you your purpose and the best ways to activate that in your life, starting now. Anyone who is fortunate enough to find themselves in the care, coaching, and coursework of David, is in for a wonderful adventure of moving their life and dreams forward into a new reality."


"Rise Up Business Academy was definitely a game-changer for my business. I loved how the lessons start from the inside out - going deep to how I am wired as person and as business owner and discovering my superpowers. It includes a step-by-step roadmap and strategy for launching and getting clients. This is the most complete and holistic business course I’ve ever taken! It has saved me so much time and stress because everything’s all been laid out for me. Forever grateful to RUBA!”

Dale Neili
Holistic Healer

Dr. Bita Yadidi
Doctor of Eastern Medicine

Phoebe Rutaquio
Owner of Hello & Co Cinema

Stacey Robbins
Hashimoto's Life Coach & Author

Sabrina Andren
Owner of Magic Skin Nutrients

Deneke Burford
Licensed Acupuncturist

Tammy Glasby
Owner of Junkspirations

Jacqui Kennemer
Owner of Front Porch Flower Farm

Shonte James
Owner of Sarah Lane Candle Co.

Working with David has been a game-changer for me. He truly took me from an idea to a beautiful, authentic execution of my business in a very short time. He pours everything into his work and always goes above and beyond to help his clients. He “gets” his clients and has a sensitivity to the whole person as he helps them to gently discover themselves and claim their true purpose. I’m so happy to be working with him.”

Maria Mahboubi
Somatic Coach