Diane Kazer - Warrior Cleanse - Breast Implants

035: My Boobs Are Killing Me! – Diane Kazer

Diane Kazer is a functional nutrition practitioner and creator of the C.H.I. Hormone Warrior Transformation Program. As an ex-pro soccer player and with a background in yoga, personal training, and financial planning, she supports women around the world, to not only heal from emotional and hormonal problems, but to radically transform their entire life. Nine years ago, Diane had breast implant surgery, and she has since experienced related health problems. On the day of this episode’s release, Diane is having the implants removed as part of her detoxification and healing journey. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Diane got breast implants to start with.
  • The risks involved with getting breast implants.
  • The cost of buying, maintaining, and removing implants. 
  • About the Warrior Cleanse and how it can help your mind, body, and soul.

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Interview Transcript

Diane, thank you so much for taking time to hang with me today. I really appreciate it.

Love being here with you and all of your followers and sisters, David. It sounds like mostly women, right?

I think there are a couple of guys who listen, yes.


So, although we know each other, this is a bit of an awkward question to begin with. I’m just going to say that upfront. But why did you choose to get implants? I’m not even going to say the B-word. We’re just going to call them implants. And, how long have you had them?

Yeah, so let me specify that they are breast implants.

Okay, they’re not butt implants. That could have meant butt implants.

Totally, and I know this feeling that we’re thinking, “Okay, I’m supposed to look like someone in Hollywood which starts with a K. I’m supposed to keep up with this person or people. I’m supposed to look like this Barbie structure.” We live in Orange County. We’re in the Mecca of artificially sculpting our body. I first have to start by saying that when you’re hearing me speak, this is not shame projected outward. I’m totally complete with myself. I was ashamed of my own body nine years ago when I got breast implants however, but this is not judgement if you have them. When someone first came to me and shared that there could be problems if you have implants, I didn’t want to see it. So, just as you’re hearing me speak, this may be a seed for you. This may be refreshing for you to hear, because maybe you’re like, “Oh, my gosh. I’ve been struggling with all these symptoms for so long and I too have implants and I didn’t realize that there was a connection.” So, yeah. Just hear me in that first.

This is a no judgement zone. This is your story.

Yeah, it’s just people get so sensitive with these things today but when I was in bodybuilding, I was basically in this bling-y bikini and I was on stage doing a lot of shows. And at the time, I had just moved to Orange County, so I was feeling the pressure of, “Oh, I need to fit in here. I need to go blonder. I need a nose job.” Botox was not that popular then, but there was just this deep rooted urge to fit in and maybe not to stand out so much. Maybe I wanted to fit in and to stand out. I’m not sure, they both kind of have an interesting play. I was a professional soccer player when I was in my twenties, so I came from a very athletic background. I was still doing athletic related things, but when I got to twelve percent and then ten percent bodyfat, for women listening, you know what I’m getting at. When you lose weight, you lose it here and you’re like, “Wait a second. I kind of wanted it to lose from other parts. Why can’t I lose it from my belly or whatever?”

So, I don’t remember the exact day that I decided, but I was doing a photoshoot with a guy that was a fitness specific type photographer. It was my very first one and I was so proud of myself. I was like, “Oh, this means that maybe I made it big as a fitness model.” And so, I went out in the woods for this shoot and he was like, “If you’re going to make it in this industry, Diane, you need double D’s.” I was like, “Double D what?” Because my nickname is D, you know – Diane. And I’m like, “Sure, I want to clone myself. Two Diane’s. Two D’s would be great.” He was like, “No, no. You need boobs. You need breast implants.” And I’m like, “For what?” He said, “If you want to get on the cover of Oxygen magazine, if you want your pro card, if you want to get anywhere in this industry, you need to get double D’s.” I just said, “Shut up. Can you just take the pictures?” But the weed grew. He planted the weed inside of my soul that said, “You’re not going to win unless you do this, Diane. You have always done whatever it takes, so this is the whatever it takes in this industry.”

Overtime, that idea grew. I know every woman knows this journey. We feel like we have to surrender a part of our self to get something. And so, I did that. About three months later, I was shopping for boobs. I was looking around at women saying to myself, “How do I want my body to look?” At the Olympia competition where I was working a booth there, and I saw all the women that were passing through, everybody had fake boobs in that industry. So, I found the doctor I wanted and I got my boobs installed. And you know, David, I thought I was just the hottest thing. I was like, “Oh, I bought my confidence. This is it. I found it. I bought my confidence, now life begins.”

I assume there was a reaction among your friends or family. Did you have people responding to you differently?

Good question. This is where I do feel a little bit of shame about it, because I didn’t tell my mom. And of course, it’s always our choice. It’s our body. But I didn’t tell my mom. I told my dad. And I’ll never forget the time they came to visit me, we went to Disneyland and I was like, “Can my mom notice?” Because it was like a month later and I was like, “Is she going to notice?” And she didn’t really say anything, so I knew I disappointed her. But really, my life is not here to prove anything to my mom, although many of us live our lives this way. So, this is why I say, if you really want to get anywhere in life, you’ve got to forgive your mom.

This was the very beginning of a journey, where I was like, “I’m hiding from my mom. Why am I hiding from my mom?” I was given the opportunity to look deeper than the silicone, right? But when I was at the gym, I just will never forget these days. I went to the gym, I kept thinking, “Look. Look at all the eyes on me. I am so loved. I am so wanted. I’ve finally proven to the world that I’m worth attention. I’m worth being looked at. I’m worth being loved.” And you know what, David? I thought I was going to get my boyfriend. I thought I was going to meet the man that way. And I thought that it was the path to get my pro card, to be noticed, to win, to find the love that I’ve been looking for. When really, I blocked that love because your heart chakra lives right behind these implants.

Wow. And so, you were enjoying the attention, obviously. I mean, who wouldn’t? You were enjoying the connection with people, but you started experiencing some challenges at some point. Whether those were physical challenges or emotional or spiritual challenges, how long did it take until you started to feel like, “I don’t know about this”?

God, that’s the first time I’ve been asked this. I’ve been interviewed on this a lot, so I appreciate the question. The irony in this is that I qualified for Nationals in my second bodybuilding show and I won the whole thing. So, that was the Orange County show. And so, I was like, “Oh, my God. It’s only my second show.” And then, I went to the third show, which was the California State, to qualify to get my pro card. I got eleventh place out of thirteen. I was like, “What? I don’t understand this.” The one where I won the whole show, I didn’t have implants. The one where I got eleventh, I had implants. So, I mean, there could have been something within my soul that just went, “This is not us.” A lot of these things could be subliminal shame. We don’t even realize but it could be way back in there. Our subconscious drives 95% of our life, but we’re not conscious of the subconscious. So, we’re only conscious of the conscious, which only drives 5% of our lives and we don’t even realize it. We can set all these goals and dreams and ask ourselves, “Why can’t I achieve these things?” It’s because we’re programmed back here and we don’t even know that we don’t know. So, it really could have been that back there where I was like, “I’m cheating. I don’t feel like me.” It could have been, I don’t know.

I stopped bodybuilding at that time because I was like, “That hurt.” My body was inflamed and swollen. Oh, my God, David it hurt. My body was in so much pain and they’re like, “You need to get bigger. You need to take steroids.” And I’m thinking, “I’m not going to do that to my body.” I quit doing that and I became a yoga teacher and I moved to L.A. and started teaching in Santa Monica and Hollywood. That was a great transition but also around that time, my stomach was so bloated. My bowels were off and that’s so fun. If you’re a woman and you’re like, “My bowels are off,” which is super common, you guys know what I’m talking about, it’s just uncomfortable. You have to cancel events and it’s just not fun. Laxatives are harsh and that’s what I was trying. I was experiencing a lot of bloating earlier on and that’s when I also started really noticing a lot of thyroid related conditions. Depression started up. My metabolism slowed down. It more difficult to exercise. It felt harder to recover from exercise and I felt like I was literally being beaten by a train. My hands and feet were really cold, which they still are. And it just kept going from there.

So, I became a yoga teacher and then I travelled the world and went to four different countries; India, Brazil, Thailand. I went scuba diving with whale sharks and bull sharks and I fulfilled some really fun things that I was able to check off my dream list. When I came back, I became what’s called a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. And what that means, that long FDNP letter name, is to say that I, through my journey of being a personal trainer and then a fitness nutritionist and then a yoga teacher, I thought there was something deeper going on with my body that I wanted to learn about. And there’s something deeper with other women’s bodies that, as their coach, I still wasn’t able to penetrate deeper than where we were. I felt stuck in how I was helping these clients. I also had a copper IUD and birth control is pretty gnarly on all women’s bodies as well. So, I just had put so much stuff inside my body, that my body was like, “Hey, sister. Can we slow down?”

So, I ran these diagnostic labs that are not labs that doctors run in Western medicine. Every time I went to them, I was like, “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me? I’m having symptoms. I have sleep issues.” I’m literally irritable, anxious, I couldn’t hold a relationship. I was a B-word. I was a witch. And then I was experiencing shame because I was being that mean. I’m like, “Why can’t I control myself?” I looked at my labs and I found out that I was riddled with candida and parasites and bacterial overgrowth. I had SIBO bacterial growth, which is why so many women are bloated today. I had IBS. I ended up self-diagnosing myself because a lot of doctors today are like, “Oh, yeah, everything looks fine. Your labs are normal.” And I’m like, “But I don’t feel normal at all.” I discovered with my own labs that I had Hashimoto’s.

When you put in implants, and there are documentaries on this now too that you can find on Netflix, but anything you implant in your body; your body will reject it because it’s not made by God. It’s not your own DNA. So, implanting silicone implants or even saline implants, it asks your body to go, “Wait, what is this?” And your body’s responding like it should to protect you and then it goes, “No, we’ve got to get these things out of the body.” So, we are literally asking for autoimmune disease when we put these things in, by the simple definition of what an autoimmune disease is; when the body tries to reject and clear a foreign object out of the body.

So, that’s possibly why I had Hashimoto’s. I had a copper IUD too, so I had all of that and I’ve been working for the last seven years to try to clear these bugs that have been robbing me of my energy as they do so many women. The moment I just had it was when I looked at my labs last year after I had a thermogram done. I found out that I had the same bugs. David, last year I had the same bugs as when I started with all of this, six or seven years ago when I first ran my labs. I’m the deepest detox person I know. I know how to lead women through this. I do more work than any one woman I know. I do the biohacking and I study all of this. I just said, “I don’t know what else. I can’t do anything else. These must be it.” So, that’s really how I came to my Jesus moment.

So, you talked about some labs that you had run and for people who aren’t familiar with that, maybe they go to a doctor like I do and I get bloodwork done and it’s measuring blood cholesterol. I don’t know what else they check. But maybe they’re looking at three things. So, when you talk about labs, what is that? How is that done? And what’s being tested?

Poop. We do poop tests. Stool tests. That’s one of them. Let’s just imagine, I’ll take you guys on a journey. So, like you said, you go to your doctor and you’re like, “Somethings wrong,” and they say, “Okay, let’s run some blood testing. Let’s check your triglycerides. Let’s check your cholesterol. Let’s check your vitamin D.” If you’re lucky you’ll get your estrogen, testosterone, progesterone checked. But they’re taking it with blood.

I don’t just help women who have had implants, too. We work with women on all different walks of life; hormonal, digestive, autoimmune disease. These are all things that we can reverse, even though we’ve been lied to and said that you need a pill for life because genetically there’s nothing we can do. But genetics are only 5% of the equation. We look at what’s called epigenetics; if your genes express themselves or don’t. So, it’s really cool that it’s modifiable. We can actually take this power back and control these things and get rid of our symptoms.

So, the problem with blood testing is it looks at for example, hormones. It looks at total levels. But we are looking at bound and unbound hormones. What I mean by bound, is it’s attached to a protein. So, it’s married and when it’s married, it’s not single. So, you can’t form another bond and two people can’t meet because two people are already taken, right? So, what we are curious about in the functional medicine space, which is what we do, is what is available for use? What’s unbound? I’m not shaming doctors here, it’s a system that they’re taught and they have quotas to meet with prescription medications and stuff like that. But when you go to a doctor, it’s like going to a carwash and asking for kale juice. When you go to a Western medicine doctor and say, “I want to understand what’s really driving my symptoms,” they’re just looking to see if you have a disease or if you need medication or surgery. So, that’s what they look at. They look at those markers and those are more of the upstream things and not the root, root, root stuff.

If you think of it like a tree. They’re looking at branches and I’m looking at roots. The roots are what drives the health of the branches and the leaves and blossoms and the fruits. So, if you really want to change the fruits and improve the fruits, you’ve got to look at the roots. But they’re looking up here and they’re looking for the things that are total. So, like let’s just say total testosterone as a male. If it’s total, but we’re not looking at bound and unbound, we have no idea if the ones that are available for use, can even be used by your body. So, you could have all bound and you could have great levels of testosterone, but your cells can’t use them because they’re occupied by a protein.

So, if you’re saying, “I can’t sleep well. I wake up and I don’t feel like I’m rested. I feel like I have sex hormonal issues. I can’t get pregnant. I have bad periods or I’m depressed or have hair loss,” people don’t relate that to hormones. But everything is a hormonal symptom and everything is a gut symptom and everything is a brain symptom because we are all attached. We are eleven systems of the body, just like there are eleven soccer players on the field and they all have to work together. So, we look to see how all of these things are functioning and then work together.

So, with hormones, we look at what your endocrine glands are making. What are they producing in sex, stress and sleep hormones? And then we look at what your body is actually even using. Because you could be making great hormones and the doctor might say, “Your blood tests look great,” but then your body isn’t even able to use them. A big reason why women can’t use them,  or any human body cannot use those hormones, is because typically we’re super toxic and our liver is backed up with a bunch of toxins. That’s where 70% of thyroid hormone gets converted; in the liver. So, people keep taking a lot of Synthroid and it’s still not working because it needs a second set to convert in the liver. It’s converted to its active form so the cell can actually use it.

Okay, you are talking so far over my head. You’re out of control. Holy cow, we went from poop to blood and back to urine. So, bottom line is, through urine and stool samples, there is a whole framework of tests that can be run in order to look at things that are radically different than what maybe a traditional medical doctor would look at?


You looked at those seven years ago and you saw that there were a number of things that were off, right? You talked about bacteria and candida. Break down a couple of those things in laymen’s terms if you can. What you have dealt with seven years ago and are still dealing with even a year ago?

Sure, so everybody knows that if you get the flu, it’s probably a virus. But unfortunately, a lot of people get put on antibiotics. Then there’s bacteria and bacteria is another big problem that many people think, “Okay, you just take an antibiotic.” Then there’s a fungus called candida, that so many of us have. Nearly 80% of women who have been on birth control have high levels of that. Also, people who eat a lot of sugar and people who have a lot of fear, that’s an energetic. Every one of these bugs has an energetic signature to it as well. Which is why you can’t just take supplements and go on this bug killing spree, it all has energetic attachments to it as well. So, we want to work through the emotions of that.

So, I had parasites that I found. And not every stool test will reveal this. It takes some digging and cleansing for your body to reveal this, because these bugs, they’re really adaptogenic. They thrive in an environment and they hide. So, when we start to do the cleansing, sometimes I’ll see on a lab test more other bugs reveal themselves that weren’t there before.

Parasites are there to mop up messes like metals and breast implants have 30 plus heavy metals in them. People might think, “Well, but that’s inside of the boob. It’s inside of the silicone bag. It’s not going to leak out.” But every breast implant of all materials and types, it eventually will bleed and it will also leak. So, these are things that happen to all of us. Because when they’ve pulled these implants out after surgery, they can see that there’s mold and particles inside of the implants.

No way.

Yes. I have videos upon videos upon videos that I’ve researched. I’ve been in this now for a year and over a thousand of hours of research. I’ve invested to see this stuff and see women cut open. When I really started seeing the truth behind this industry, I was scared and sickened that this has been happening to so many women, especially after breast cancer. It’s like, “Okay, we’re going to remove your breast because you have the BRCA gene, which actually holds no merit to the odds of you getting breast cancer. That’s a whole other story. But now you get breast implants because that’s what they tell you the only alternative is. And now you’ve traded that in and gone to having an 800% increase risk of autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s, fibromyalgia, MS.

I’m working with these women. I’ve seen the other side of this. I’m working with women who’ve had breast implants rupture and then they’ve gotten diagnosed with lupus right after that. So, these things happen to all of us and that’s been happening to me. So, when I see these labs, I’m working with on myself and others, I see high heavy metals. Our body actually will recruit parasites just like, the bottom feeders of a fish tank. The parasites are there to try to help you, but then we think, “Oh, we’ve got to do a parasite cleanse.” But no, really, it’s the root cause of why the parasites are there, we have to ask.

The implants?

Yes, exactly.

Okay, so you’re starting to see these lab tests and you’re saying, “Okay, these are the same as I had seven years ago, even though I’m already cleansing and I’m going after it hardcore.” Did you actually begin to have a concern with the implant itself? Were you having concerns there, or was it just the lab tests?

Good question. This is so important too, because that’s what happened. My friend, she’s an author, she’s a columnist. She shared this with me about four years ago. She sent me this link that said, “Breast implants are the ticking timebomb for a lot of women’s bodies.” And I was like, “I don’t want to look.” But I’m curious because I’m a health practitioner and it’s my job to understand all of the different obstacles that could be standing in the woman’s way of expressing her full potential and connecting to her highest self and walking with God in her soul role, which we like to call, her “Soul Goal”. It was just like, “I don’t understand why I don’t feel good.”

At the time, I was not functioning at optimal. I was having a ton of health issues at that time. Mainly gastrointestinal, but I’ll spare you guys on what things I was seeing come out of my body. That’s a scary, scary process. Like, “What the heck is wrong with me?” I entertained the article and I read it, but I was like, “I don’t have any problems with my boobs. I don’t have any issues here. I don’t have any pain. They’re fine. I’m fine.” Really, as I said earlier, just because one area may not be problematic and you have symptoms elsewhere, you can pull on the thread of one part of your body, but it shows up somewhere else.

I was having major skin eruptions at the time, there was one day two months thereafter, I thought I was going to die. Literally I was lying in bed, I did a gallbladder flush and I thought I was going to die. I sent a text message to my friend who owns Microbiome Labs and I was like, “I literally feel like I’m dying.” And he’s like, “Hold on. Hold on.” I went and I ended up getting a colonoscopy, because I’m thinking, “Do I have extreme IBS? Do I have Crohn’s disease? What’s going on?”

Then earlier next year, I got such bad face rashes and itching, I wanted to tear my eyeballs out they were so itchy. I had itching in my arm pits. I had it on my neck. I have pictures of all of this, but I was bleeding because I was itching so bad. That’s one of the first signs that you know your body is reacting to something inside. It could be food. It could be chemicals. It could be allergies, but the immune system is saying, “Mom -,” as in the mom being you, the body. “Mom, I can’t keep up with this amount of information. It’s too much.” I didn’t listen. I took two rounds of Prednisone, which is the worst medication. I always encourage my clients not to take it if we can understand the root cause. But I still didn’t get it then, that the root cause was my implants. It took me three years of suffering all of these symptoms; major depression and consideration of suicide. I was so far gone but I didn’t want to own that it could be my implants causing all of this.

So, what option do you have other than to have them removed? Is there any other option?

Yes, I love this question because this is where I started really opening up to the possibility of, “Okay, I can do this.” I’m still debating on how I feel about this whole thing, because it still feels like kind of like I’m cheating, but it’s modern science and modern technology. There are a lot of women who think, just like I did, “Well, if I get these removed, who am I? Who am I without double D’s? What am I going to be if I go back to my B cup?” This is a big identity shift.

So, there’s a consideration of just having them removed but you also have to make sure that you have the capsule removed. The body is actually so amazing. This is God’s work and it’s so beautiful. Your body’s not hating you and trying to kill you, your body actually loves you and is trying to protect you deeply with any symptom. So, with any symptom that you have, it’s just understanding the language of your body. Your body will actually form a capsule around the implant to try to wall you off from this toxin invader. It literally does this and it creates a huge ball around the implant; a calcification. But that’s also where lots of bugs live because the metals live there. It’s kind of like the waste basket but it’s trying to keep you safe and distanced away from the implant.

So, you always want to make sure that you’re working with a practitioner who believes in breast implant illness and symptoms that come along with it. Someone who actually knows how to remove the implants and the capsule. And also, someone who can work to look beyond all that. Because your ribs start getting adhesed in your intercostals, which is why it’s really hard to take a deep breath for a lot of these women who have implants. And I know that feeling. It’s kind of almost like feeling like you’re super anxious.

You want to make sure you have a doctor that knows how to look in between the lines. Someone who can literally look behind the scenes and can pull out the infections. Otherwise, that infection will keep growing inside of you. Okay, so then after that, and here’s the cool part, you can do what’s called a Fat Transfer, which is what women have been asking for, for years, “Can’t I just have some fat removed from my belly and put it in other places?” Yes, that time is now. So, I’m only 16% bodyfat, but even if you’re a lean woman, this is still possible if you work with a doctor who really knows how to do this stuff and who is an artist at it. I’m having some fat removed from my inner thighs, which is still hard for me to say, because I still feel like I’m cheating a little. But you do lose some tissue most often when they remove the implants because it’s infected. So, I’m having some fat removed from my back flanks, my lower belly and it’s going to probably be about 200 CCs.

My current implants are 475 CCs, so I’ll probably be a full C when all is said and done. What happens then is, they do what’s called a lift. Ninety percent of women do lifts because when we put implants in, our breasts sag. The nipples go down, so they pull them back up, they reposition the nipple, they add some of your own tissues in there so that you don’t end up having autoimmune disease to foreign parts. And then here you are. You got lifted boobs and you look like you’re 18 years old again.

I would be glad to be a fat donator. I don’t know if it’s considered foreign tissue, but I’ve got a little bit around the middle that I could donate.

That’s what I said. And I don’t even have that much, but I was like, “Wait a second. You can do what?” That’s when I said, “Okay, I’m going to do this.”

What are the costs associated with getting implants and having them taken out? What is a ballpark here? Because that’s a huge consideration. I know there’s a consideration of putting them in for most people. Now the thought of getting them out, how does that work?

There’s two paths I’d like to explain here. If you want to keep your implants, then there’s a cost to that too. If you decide to get them out, there’s a cost to that as well. I was a financial planner for eight years, so I’m always looking at money and the cost of things and when I work with women now who have implants, they’re so far down, like ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years, we’re supposed to be removing these and revising them every ten years.

I did not know that. You’re supposed to get a new upgrade? Like a lease option?


There’s no buy option?


But you’re not leasing them, obviously I’m being facetious. You’re supposed to replace them because of technology or new types or it might leech?

The original reason why they started saying that is because the FDA saw that women were having issues and health complications. Of course, they’ve been putting this under the rug for a long time, but in March a lot of women I know as Warriors, went to the FDA and said, “Listen, we need to put this on the map. Women are starting to die.” I’ve had many friends and mother’s die from this. This is a real thing and we’re ignoring it. The women who got implants from the 60’s and 70’s, those were full of even worse materials. So, they started revising it.

They have not done one study, David. Not one, to prove the efficacy and safety of these implants in women’s bodies, long-term. Not one. So, now women are saying, “Wait a second. We need transparency here.” So, the women who have had implants in the 1980’s and the 90’s, they were not told that you need to have them revised every ten years. I’m working with a lot of women who’ve had them for 35 or 40 years. The pictures of what I’ve seen from when they get them removed afterwards, it looks like rocks. Like, how are these things inside of us?

This is where I got really compassionate about everything. Our body has been fighting so hard. It brought me to tears and it brought me to my knees and that’s what changed everything for me. To see the power of our beautifully crafted body and what every single intricate cell is designed to do with the 50 trillion cells that we’re made of. God, what an artist you were to create this body. So, I was told nine years ago that it’s recommended but not obligatory to do it every ten years. I’m like, “Okay, cool.” I would have never done that. We’re supposed to get an MRI every three years. Didn’t do that either. Because we’re supposed to see if they’re intact and in place and not moving. That’s $3,000, because insurance won’t cover it, it’s cosmetic. So, $3,000 times three.

If we’re considering the price tag of implants every ten years, you get a new revision, that’s eight to ten thousand dollars. You get and MRI every three years; that’s nine thousand dollars. We’re talking twenty grand every ten years. So, that’s the price tag if you wanted to do it right and protect your body. After eight or nine years, every one of these implants are bleeding. They’re not all rupturing, that’s worst case scenario, but they’re bleeding in some way shape or form and causing symptoms.

So, then the other side of this is, “Okay, I’m just going to get them out. I’m not going to do this twenty thousand dollars every ten year thing.” I actually fought for this and got approved by insurance, which is awesome. I’m trying to advocate as a practitioner and leader in this space, that we should be protected from this because you guys did not tell us how unsafe these things were with studies. So, my insurance is covering it but it took me a few back and forths. So, what that means is, if I only did the explant without the lift and without the fat transfer, it would only be my copay, which is probably like $1,500.

But I know that women are thinking and what I thought is, “Oh, my God. You remove these things; I’m going to look like raisins. That’s kind of scary.” So, you could do a lift, which the lift is about another five thousand to seven thousand, depending on the doctor that you work with. And then to do the fat transfer, it’s generally another seven thousand. So, it really depends on what you do. I’m going to pay for the fat transfer and lift, so my total cost is going to be about fifteen thousand dollars plus the copay. So, about sixteen or seventeen thousand dollars.

This can come off humorously, but what is wrong with raisins? Do you know what I mean? Why do the lift? You got them because you wanted attention or love or to feel the love of yourself, right?


So, why now again have them look in a way that is maybe more culturally attractive?

I’ll just blame that one on Barbie. I’m just kidding, but that was when I was a kid. The brainwashing of what a woman is “supposed” to look like runs really deep within women. There’s this shame and the “should” and the shadows that so many women carry of what they think they’re supposed to be for the outside world. I’m a holistic health and life coach now but this is another journey I went down three years ago. It’s like, how can I feel enough about myself and how I can help women with the psychological aspects of health? Realizing that most of our brain and what we think and our thoughts end up as symptoms.

So, we can’t just stuff our symptoms with supplements and pills and diet and exercise. It’s really how we think and what we believe about our self and our soul and what we’re here to do. So, for me, if I just had them removed, I’ve never had this question asked either, it’s like what’s wrong with raisins? I would be afraid of looking at myself in the mirror and thinking to myself, “Well, this is the consequence of your choice when you decided that you were not enough. This is what you get.” And that’s kind of shame-y and ego-y from one part of me to another part of me.

So, at least the lift is something I thought, “Well, I’m going to at least do the lift.” I’ve really gone back and forth with the whole fat transfer idea. Thinking, “I’m cheating again. I’m going to get liposuction to have boobs lifted here with fat.” So, it still feels really weird but there’s women right now who are just taking everything off and they have nothing because they had breast cancer. They had a mastectomy and they’re like, “Just get these things out. I’m sicker than when I had cancer.” And they’re just going flat and they’re like, “Here, look world. I don’t need boobs to define me.”

So, it’s a great question and even with myself and all the work that I’ve done, I don’t know if I could do that. I don’t know and maybe it’s Orange County, maybe I’ll change my mind in ten years when I’m fifty and I won’t care anymore. But it’s definitely my perception of what I would define as true beauty. It’s different for every person.

Yeah, it is really hard, isn’t it? Because I was thinking about that in preparation for this conversation. I didn’t know that you were having a lift or a fat transfer, but one of my questions was, “Wow, I wonder what that’s going to look like when those are out. I bet that will look really different.” And culturally, we live in a world where in a sense, you are fitting in just by having the lift. It’s kind of like you’re looking at what the average person sees as normal or beautiful. It is really hard. I totally get it. I don’t ask that question out of shame, it’s just more of like, what is wrong with raisins? You know?

True. I asked myself the same question.

Yeah, nothing is wrong but yet at the same time, obviously you’ve got to be comfortable in your own body and be comfortable with what you feel you want to look like. Yeah, that’s a challenging one. So, you have a removal date. You call it an explant, is that a technical word; an explant?

Yes, it is. People are like, “What do you mean? Expat?”  I’m like, “Yeah, it’s this foreign alien thing living inside of me.”

So, what’s your date of explant and what does the healing process look like?

Good question. So, it’s May 31st, which is in exactly three weeks from tomorrow and I’m just so excited. I don’t know if I’m nervous. It’s a seven hour procedure.


It’s seven hours and anesthesia. It would be four hours if you didn’t do the fat transfer part. I do definitely have a recovery in front of me, but because I’m helping so many women prepare for these things and do the recovery after, I do feel prepared. The detox, recovery, and rebuilding is so important; heart set, mindset and soul set. Because I’ve already worked with several of my friends who had them removed, they were like, “I was excited about this but I didn’t realize I was going to have this whole identity crisis.” And now a couple of them are like, “I didn’t want a fat transfer, but now for sure I need fat transfer. This is weird. I don’t like being an A cup.” So, we have to work with this identity shift. It’s literally like an identity crisis.

So, now I’m actually doing a lot of what’s called Biohacking. It’s is a term that’s been coined to help us optimize our potential by giving our body, our cells, our brain, all of the parts of our cells, what it needs to thrive. Because we are so exposed to poor air quality, water, food and mindset, we’re exposed to a lot of stuff today that we weren’t a hundred years ago. So, I’m of course eating the way that I teach in all of my programs called the Warrior Cleanse. And this is not just a temporary juice cleanse or anything. It really teaches you how to love your body and how to nourish your body and how to eat because you love your body. It teaches women that you can have indulgent foods and recipes without them being toxic and harmful. So, there are certain things that we remove from people’s diets and teach them alternatives, like a lot of dairy. Not all dairy but a lot of it. Processed dairy anyways and processed meats. Getting organic, fresh, local meats and things like that instead of processed meats that are full of hormones and antibiotics.

A big part of women who have implants, have what’s called estrogen dominance. So, inside the body, that will grow other things like fibroids. Then they’re like, “Now I have to have a hysterectomy because I have fibroid tissues.” And that’s not the case, we have to ask ourselves, “Why do we have fibroids?” Estrogen dominance from eating a lot of these foods like soy, plastic exposure and estrogen in the water because birth control cannot be filtered out of our city water. I teach them all of these things in a very practical, pragmatic, realistic, doable and fast way, so they get straight to where they need to go. It took me six years to learn this stuff. So, I’m eating that way and cleansing that way.

I do also have an infrared sauna at my house, which for some women is a good idea and for some women it’s not. I’m also doing some things locally called hyperbaric, which is amazing for tissue generation and recovery. It’s going to help me expedite my recovery, so that when I am done with this procedure, I’m going to also do some hyperbaric afterwards as well. Lymphatic draining and massage is really important because a lot of the silicone bleeds heavy metals and the bugs too, they move into lymph nodes and that is a big part of why we have so much swelling. Your lymph is here next to your thyroid, so you get thyroid disease. Your lymph is underneath your armpits, so you start to get itchy armpits or lumps in your armpits. You have lymph around your groin and it’s all over our body, we have hundreds of them and it’s just basically our gutter system. That’s where a lot of our trash goes to if we’re not pooping and peeing or sweating enough. Or we’re just living a lifestyle but there’s just so much toxins, we can’t get them out fast enough as we’re exposed to them and they’re just living inside of us. So, parts of your lady parts will also be potentially inflamed or you might have some infections.

I’m doing all of these things to prepare and then afterwards it’s a pretty deep detox. Every woman needs to do some sort of a heavy metal cleanse, not just chlorella, not just lemon, not just cilantro. We need to bring some deeper grabbers that bond to these metals and carry them in the body. There’s also a lot of myths around cleansing that I bust with women who come through our program because they’ll say to me, “Oh, I got my explant done three years ago, but I’m still really sick and I’ve done all these things and I still have symptoms,” and they don’t relate it to the breast implant residue but they still have a lot of issues going on. So, we take heavier bonds like ionic bonds that are strong enough to attach to these metals, pull them out of their hiding places and escort them out of the body because that part is really important.

And that’s something that you teach in the Warrior Cleanse, is that right?

Yeah, because I see so many people who come to me – I just texted two of my friends today, and they’re like, “Oh, I’m super bloated. Is there a lab that you can run for me to see why I’m bloated?” I’m like, “No, way. I’m not running any labs until I look at an x-ray of what you’re doing in your life.” Are you eating a lot of gluten? Are you drinking enough water? There’s just so many fundamentals that I see so many people miss. They go out and spend tens of thousands of dollars with these really well-known doctors and they spend all this money on supplements, but we don’t even have the foundation laid. “You’re not eating enough vegetables.” We all know theoretically we should be, but then there’s this mindset thing that says, “But I don’t want to. But I don’t want to.”

We address some of that in the Warrior Cleanse, but it’s really a whole system and lifestyle that I teach. I walk women through how to work with your hormones and how to heal your hormones and understand that hormones are caused by gut issues and what we’re feeding our body. I help them understand how to heal the gut, because we all pretty much have something called leaky gut now. That gives birth to all of these diseases today and brain issues including brain fog. I work with them through that and it’s a small chunk of the whole bit of recovering from breast implant illness and explant.

Then there’s the mental, emotional and spiritual stuff we work with in our deeper dive program, which is looking at everything in your life. Some people are like, “Here’s a system,” and then they go, “Well, I couldn’t follow it.” Okay, well what’s going on back here? That’s why 95% of New Year’s resolutions don’t work. It’s because there’s a belief that is sabotaging the habits. So, the Warrior Cleanse is a really powerful way for people to at least get their foot in the door of what life could look like in women two to three times their energy. They get rid of PMS. They get off of medications that they thought they needed for things like PCOS or endometriosis. It’s not everybody, but a lot of women do, because sometimes their just eating foods that their body says, “No, I don’t like this mom.” It’s pretty transformational.

How many weeks is the Warrior Cleanse? I assume it’s an online course? You’re not providing the food, but you’re providing the recipes and ideas and so forth? And the training? How many weeks is that process?

Yeah, it’s 101 self-love recipes and they are loved by so many women. You forget about the things that you thought that you needed to be addicted to, that temporarily distract you from whatever miserable story of life that you’re creating. We do that. We eat crappy foods because we’re numbing out from something. And it’s like, “Oh, I could eat healthy and really enjoy it too? And it could be realistic? Yeah, this is cool.” And then your kids and your whole family get to benefit too and your kids start not needing medications like allergy medications or stuff. A lot of them are constipated today as well.

It’s a four week program. But what we do is give everyone a prep week; “Here’s our prep week. Here’s how to get prepared. Here’s how to shop for products that you would buy at whole foods for a lot of money and you get 25% off if you shop on this one site.” I teach you how to do that and it shows up to your house. So, you get really good, high quality adaptogens and liver tonics. I teach you how to do all of that. It’s a step by step program and it’s not like, “Oh, you just deprive yourself?” “Do you not eat?” “Do you just do juice?” “Is it hard to do while you travel?” Myself and my partner, who facilitates and leads with me, she lives in Austria. She’s amazing. She’s a little fitness celebrity over there. I’m here in Orange County. We have women from fifteen different countries who do this. So, it’s doable wherever you are. If you’re travelling, it’s a realistic life cleanse. So, when you’re done with the four weeks, we teach you how to integrate that. It’s not just like, “Okay, I’m four weeks and I’m done and I go back to eating crap again.”

That’s the biggest problem with a lot of cleanses today. They don’t teach you how to reintegrate back to life and keep it moving. Why would you want to go back to feeling miserable again like you were before you started it? We teach you how to make it a realistic aspect of life. And you’re still eating meat, you’re still eating all the things. You’re not deprived. You’re not going to die. You’re not going to be on the couch for week and have to lose work or end up like Dumb and Dumber in that one scene where you’re on the toilet for an hour. Cleansing is realistic. It’s doable. We make it fun or it won’t get done.

We’ve got a special link that people can go to. It’s www.insporising.com/warriorcleanse. We’ll also have all of that in the show notes as well.

So, May 31st. I’m thinking we release this episode on May 31st, that would be kind of cool.

Cool, I’d love that.

And if you’re up for it, I would love to have you come back for an update in a few months from now as you’ve gone through the explant and the healing process. Maybe just to give us an update on how things went. Would you be up for that?

I would love that. It’s like a before and after. I wonder if people could see a difference in my eyes and everything, because they say it’s like a twenty-four hour makeover. A lot of women’s eyes are so swollen and there’s nothing I can do. It’s my lymph nodes that are saying, “Okay, we can only handle so much.” But pictures we see of women before and after, literally the day before and the day after, are completely different. It’s like the toxins have been lifted but the life has been implanted where the implants were before.

That’s awesome. Diane, thank you so much for taking time and for sharing openly about your own journey, so that others can benefit as well.

What’s life for if we’re not sharing some things that we’ve stumbled upon that we could help other people with in their own lives? Thanks for having me, David.

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