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109: Opting Out of the Cultural Norms of Parenting – Lori Beth Auldridge

Lori Beth Auldridge is a wife and mama, raising her littles in Maui. When she first became a mom on the island, she was excited…but felt completely lost. She knew she needed mom friends but struggled to find them. So she took action and created her own community of mama’s that quickly grew to 50 members within the first several weeks. The desperate lack of community in #MomLife drove her to launch what has become a nation-wide movement called Yaya Mama. Yaya means sisterhood and the foundation of this online community of moms is just that, a sisterhood that shows value, genuine support, and offers practical insights to the many mysteries of motherhood. It is a group of moms walking this journey together, growing side by side. Lori Beth launched her podcast, Elevating Motherhood to support her growing platform and is continuing to her spread her message of authentic, vulnerable community.

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